Obituary Request Policy
Place an Online Obituary Request!

Due to growing demand, effective June 2009, owners of valid library cards may request a maximum of four obituaries per month. Most obituary replies will be sent within 48 hours. Obituary requests are accepted but not processed on Sundays, major holidays, or Unexpected Closing days.

Requests may be submitted by Email Us, telephone, mail, or by CML staff's article request form.

Obituaries will be delivered by email, telefax, or mail.

Emailed obituaries are free. Free software from Adobe is required to view them.

Obits faxed within local area code are free. Fax delivery outside the local area code is $1.00 per page.

Franklin County residents without access to email or telefax should visit the closest CML location or call 645-2ASK to inquire about obituaries. If necessary, mail delivery is $5.00.

Non-cardholders may obtain obituaries by:

  1. Contacting their local public library about Interlibrary Loan.
  2. For Columbus Dispatch obituaries back to March 1999, using the archive. (You can read full obituaries from the past 30 days for free. A fee will be charged to view older obituaries.)
  3. Finding a genealogy researcher.